Ecommerce Consultancy

We solve growth challenges for e-commerce businesses.


Our approach involves making your e-commerce platforms work harder and smarter, ensuring that your business is always one step ahead in the fiercely competitive digital marketplace.


To help, we need to understand what needs changing and why. To identify areas for improvement, the business must be examined at a granular level, starting with systems and processes that impact supply, delivery, and cash flow and moving on to technology and the customer journey. We’ll examine the business’s health, current commitments and whether they’re an effective allocation of staff time and budget.


Is stagnation being caused by information silos; is it caused by a blockage in the supply chain? Is there a disconnect between what you’re selling and the messaging your audience is receiving, slamming your conversion figures off a cliff face?


Examining these areas allows us to identify opportunities for improvement and areas for growth.


Marketing and advertising

Brand positioning – What space do you occupy in the marketplace, and do your products and pricing reflect that?

Messaging – Is the content of your message speaking to your target profile, or is it aimed above or below your envisaged ideal customer?

Customer journey: How welcome do you make your customers? Do they feel looked after from the moment they land on your site to post-purchase communications?

Community building – Are you building loyalty through community or are you building an email list of people to sell to?

Analytics – Are you leveraging data to identify buying habits and maximise campaigns?

Paid advertising – Are you optimising the placement of paid ads, analysing their performance, and adjusting them according to the metrics?

Social proof – Are you engaging with your community to build brand ambassadors to promote your products?



Optimised processes for Operations and Marketing

Critical planning for the supply chain – Identifying lead times for turnaround from order to warehouse.

Stock awareness – Recognising stock turnover at a product variant level, planning campaigns, and purchasing around this.

Event management – Special events and holidays (sporting events, Christmas, etc) and planning purchasing, stock items, and campaigns around them

Technology – Have you implemented available technologies to integrate various aspects of the business, making it easier to communicate, deliver, analyse, and plan?


To fuel growth within e-commerce, all these elements need to be working together. We work with businesses looking to achieve stellar results.