Growth Hacking

The principle of growth hacking is acquiring a significant number of new customers quickly whilst spending as little on advertising as possible.


SEO, something we excel at, plays an integral role in growth hacking, but a critical factor in gaining the edge over the competition is the ability to think creatively. CanMarket explores diverse options and ideas to add the elements of genius and originality to the foundations of each growth hacking campaign based on the unique characteristics of your brand.


Growth hacking requires a combination of creativity and analytical sharpness to ascertain the channels and methodologies that will tap into the audience bedrock to build explosive growth and sustainable long-term success.


How it works:


  • Analyse current methods for customer acquisition
  • Find new channels for customer acquisition
  • Measure success
  • Scale


We begin by analysing the current channels, strategies, offerings, and messaging to determine how these align, ensuring the target market is receptive to the message and ripe for engagement. Weak points are identified, and solutions are implemented to shore up the foundations for growth. New channels are then identified for customer acquisition, expanding avenues to sales.


Your website is audited to ensure full technical SEO is implemented, optimising crawl, and indexing potential for search engines.


Orthogonal thinking is applied to current content marketing strategies, and new opportunities are determined. These may include:


  • Social media
  • Paid advertising on multiple platforms
  • New marketplaces
  • Hosting webinars
  • E-books/whitepapers
  • Influencer marketing
  • Popups & lead generation forms
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Gamification


Hard data ultimately informs direction: we analyse the performance of each channel and subsets within those channels, drilling down to bedrock to ensure the data is comprehensive and reflective. Through this analysis, strategic use of split testing, and dynamic advertising, it is possible to identify routes for growth and tactics which need rethinking to maximise the return on every channel. This combines growth with streamlining practices, reducing the cost of sales and cost of conversions and increasing such metrics as the lifetime value of customers and order values.





Once routes to growth hacking have been identified, tried, tested, measured, optimised, and verified, we will implement successful strategies across the business portfolio to turbo-charge growth.