Performance Marketing

Performance marketing focuses on return on investment (ROI) using advertising platforms to provide a targeted method for driving sales and delivering immediate and measurable results.


Most forms of marketing, such as social media and SEO, rely on organic dissemination to an audience largely dictated by algorithms over which users have little control. Therefore, outcomes are more diffuse and trickier to measure. Performance Marketing is targeted and action-driven. You decide the action—this could be a sale, a lead, or a click—and pay when that action has been completed.


Understanding your marketplace and your competition is critical to the success of any performance marketing campaign and to maximising your ROI. Our team will listen to your objectives and gain an understanding of your target audience. Years of experience and ongoing research allow us to advise you on the strategy that will offer the best return. We also provide guidance on the critical actions to base campaigns around and tailor them to specific outcomes.


We offer:


Paid search: Pay-per-click advertising is used across search engines and publishers such as Google Ads, Google Shopping, and Microsoft Ads, providing fast results with personalised and targeted campaigns.


Paid social: Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn gather a vast amount of data about their users, and advertisers can use this to their advantage by targeting specific audiences segmented by factors such as geolocation, age, and interests.


Display ads: Create targeted messages tailored for your customers and display them while they’re browsing other websites, encouraging them to return to your site and finish their journey.


Programmatic advertising: using automated systems to maximise the efficiency of ads by using real-time bidding data gathered from across the web.


Performance marketing is a crucial element that should be integrated into your overall digital marketing strategy to ensure the best possible returns.